YOGA CHALLENGE Famiglia GBR Con Lo Yoga Spinner Game

Let’s try the ThinkFun Yoga Spinner Game, perfect for doing some family Yoga Challenge while having fun! It is also a great way to move around the house and to approach Yoga, a practice that is good for the body but also for the mind.

We are not experts in Yoga and we approached more to the playful side being a game, so we apologize to all the experts and practitioners, hoping that this video may be an opportunity to get the curiosity to learn more.

We recommend, as the instructions of the game say, to warm up before doing a Yoga Challenge and playing with the Yoga Spinner Game. Which is a game for children, but we recommend the supervision of an adult during a challenge.

The Yoga Spinner Game is found in the best games stores, here on the ThinkFun website you will find the instructions and the game card

Yoga Spinner® Game

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Video in collaborazione con ThinkFun.

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