Emma Watson is a piece of perfection. From playing the very sassy, yet gorgeously smart Hermione Granger to stealing all our hearts even 15 years later. She never stops looking elegant, beautiful and extraordinarily stunning.

Just for the very amazing Emma Watson fans, we have collected a few perfect moments of the actress, and you can rest your eyes on her everlasting beauty.

Check out some of her flawless moments.

In the trailer of Bling Ring.

During this party at Paris Hilton’s house.

When she stripped for a photo shoot.

Emma Watson stripped for a book called Natural Beauty to raise awareness and money for environmental causes.

Her cover image for GQ Magazine.

When she wore this sexy as hell outfit from her Bling Ring attire for a GQ magazine shoot.

Another photo shoot for W Magazine.

When she dressed gorgeously edgy for Teen Vogue.

When she was down to earth even after achieving so much fame.

In her interview with W magazine, she said that until she was 18, she would take the public bus and do normal things as much as possible. She also took a trip to America with some of her college friends and shared a common bathroom with 8 others in her dorm.

When she uploaded this very cute photograph on her Facebook page

When she won an award for just being ‘amazing’.

Yes, it’s true. She won an MTV Trailblazer award for being amazing. You can Google it!

The time she won the People’s Choice award.

She also accepted the People’s Choice award for her contribution for The Perks of Being a Wallflower.