Weight Loss Roti Recipe | Lose 5KG In 15 Days With 100% Oats Roti | Oats Recipes For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Roti Recipe | Oats Roti To Lose 5 KGS in 15 Days | Oats Recipes For Weight Loss | Oatmeal Flatbread For Weight Loss | Weight Loss Roti Recipe | Lose Weight with Oats | 100% Oats Roti | Oatmeal Flatbread Recipe | Weight Loss Oatmeal Flatbread Recipe
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This roti is a boon to all. Person of any age or condition can try this roti. It is considered extremely beneficial for heart & cholesterol patients. It is also fruitful for Thyroid, PCOS/ PCOD, Diabetics, Senior Citizens, Pregnant & Nursing Mothers etc. It is also suitable for the ones who are gluten intolerant. The list is endless.
PS: Thyroid & PCOS/ PCOD Patients and the ones who are Gluten Intolerant should opt for gluten-free oats.

Getting past a weight loss plateau or the ones with stagnant weight should definitely give this roti, a must try!
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