Top 5 Indian Cooking Oils For Weight Loss

Do you know who is screwing with your health more than McD or coke?

Refined oil manufacturers.


Because we atleast know that McD and Cola are bad for our health so we try to avoid them. But most us believe that refined vegetable oils are actually healthy but in reality the oil manufactures are lying to us, making tons of money and screwing our health.

Refined vegetable oils like Sunflower, Safflower, Cannola claim that
1) they do not have any saturated fats
2) and they have Omega 3, Omega 6

Using just these two points manufacturers bought billboards, advertisements and have been blatantly lying through their teeth because attaching healthy to refined oils is like attaching fast to internet explorer.

In India, we’ve had a tradition of using filtered oils. Kerala uses Coconut Oils, Andhra uses Sesame/Groundnut oil, East & North use Mustard Oil and all these are the real healthy oils.

1) Because they are extracted naturally without high temperature or chemicals.
2) They have to use good quality seeds because if they use bad seeds/nuts then the foul smell cannot be hidden.
3) All of their nutrients, vitamins, minerals are intact
4) They help in stabilizing blood sugar levels which inturn aids in fat loss.
5) They have unprocessed Omega 3, Omega 6 and MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which are known as heart protectors. They improve your metabolism because they can be easily used up by the body for energy production.

Now, the next time you use your cooking oil, here are a few things to remember:

1) Keep changing your oils. Groundnut oil for frying, coconut or olive oil for dressing, sesame oil for curries and a little bit of ghee on rotis.
2) Never ever ever reuse oil. If you’ve noticed reheated oil starts smoking faster and that’s because it is breaking down and creating toxic substances which cause parkinson’s, alzhiemers, liver disease, cancer, blocks arteries and more.
3) In the end remember to use all these oils in moderation, because excess of anything is bad.
4) If you have any issues like blood pressure, heart issues, cholesterol etc then always consult your doctor about your diet.
Medical clearance is a must in such cases.

So, basically, by just switching to refined oils is not going to improve your heart health. But I’ll tell you what causes heart diseases for sure.

1) Too much stress
2) Not enough exercise
3) Fast food junk
4) Negative outlook towards life

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