Terry Tigner’s Weight Loss Surgery: A Stubborn Candidate Finds Her Way

Terry Tigner knew she needed to lose weight, but weight loss surgery wasn’t part of her plan. Her friend Angela Taylor and the UVA bariatrics team provided the support and encouragement needed to take the first step.

Terry Tigner: Angela and I are very much alike. She was particularly raised as was I am in the southern tradition where good food means a lot. It’s all around the table and there are a lot of things I think that keep people from having bariatric surgery. But the truth of the matter is it’s an easy, easy thing.

She is my inspiration. Six months after her surgery I had made the decision to have it myself.

Peter Hallowell, MD: We do see that fairly frequently that somebody will make the decision to have bariatric surgery. The metamorphosis the change that they go through inspires people all around them even if they’re not surgical candidates make changes in their lives that that the folks around them become healthier.

Tigner: This has been absolutely life changing for me. I am at the age of 60 feel better than I have felt in probably 30 years. Peter Hallowell, that whole team are just amazing.

Don’t wait. If you are that close, if you’re even thinking about it, it means that you, for me at least, I had been through some pretty awful places mentally, physically even.

But the difference and the dividends of the change in lifestyle, I’ve had people say, “Oh my gosh you look so much younger,” but what I hear also is, “You look so happy,” and I am and that’s real.

My husband can not stop smiling at me. He just recognizes how good I feel.

Their whole team is amazing. They walked you through every step of the way and you just knew, I just knew, that these were good people. They wanted what was good for me.