Swallowing The Elipse Balloon On Placement Day – Weight Loss With The Elipse Program (FR/ENG)

Watch Nathalie kick start her weight-loss journey with the Elipse Program by swallowing the Elipse Balloon with a glass of water. Here, she describes her experience on the placement day. Have questions? Ask us on comments.

If you are significantly overweight and have a history of unsuccessful dieting, the Elipse™ Balloon Weight Loss Program may be right for you. At the center of the Elipse Program is a soft balloon that is placed in your stomach. The balloon is swallowed during a 20-minute appointment, and neither placement nor removal of the balloon requires surgery, endoscopy, or anesthesia.*

The Elipse Balloon creates a constant feeling of fullness, allowing you to eat less without the hunger that accompanies most diets.

With the help of your care team and the sense of fullness created by your balloon, you can change your eating habits and reclaim control of your health.

For more information, please go to – https://allurion.com/
To find an Elipse clinic in the U.K., please click – https://www.elipseprogram.com/uk-swallowable-balloon/
To find an Elipse clinic in France, please click – https://www.ballon-elipse.fr/

Video edited by: Antares Studio

*In rare cases, the Elipse Balloon may require endoscopic or surgical intervention for removal.