Saturday Morning Yoga! | Stezzi The Parrot

Welcome to Saturday Morning Yoga! Your place for family yoga fun and mindfulness – to get the weekend started in the best possible way!

0:00 Stezzi the Parrot | A Comsic Kids Yoga Adventure
Take a leaf out of Stezzi’s book and learn how to deal with boredom! This story takes us to a wild and exciting jungle to meet the zaniest parrot ever! 🦜His attitude is an inspiration to kids EVERYWHERE as he just knows how to deal with feeling bored! You’ll never be grumpy about boredom again after this adventure!

14:29 Jaime’s Brain Breaks | Walking through the Jungle 🌴
We walk and sing a call and response song with yoga actions every time we bump into an animal of the jungle! What will we see, I wonder? 🦁🐍🐊🐒

20:15 SUPER YOGA! – Ocean Party – A 5 minute fast-paced yoga-based workout for kids. Get the wiggles out and build your knowledge of all the kids yoga poses. A fun challenge for memory, coordination and information processing. We see the pose picture come down the screen and land in the bubble-o-meter. We do the yoga pose and hold it for the amount of time it takes to get the precious points! There’s always a mad moment of some kind in the middle and at the end we lie down to enjoy receiving all the goodness of our exercises! Ahhhh! Bliss.

25:35 House Pose | Yoga Pose Universe – We make walls, a roof and even a front door in our house pose! Now I wonder, who lives in a house like this? 🏡

26:46 Mouse Pose | Yoga Pose Universe – Let’s make ourselves into a little ball and squeak like a tiny mouse. It’s a very relaxing pose – mouse pose and in grown-ups yoga it’s called Child’s Pose. 🐭

27:54 Peace Out Guided Meditation for Kids | Rainbow Waterfall – We find a magical waterfall in this guided meditation. Each colour of the rainbow showers us with a special feeling and it’s up to us to notice how each one feels different. 🌈

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