This is so hard for me to upload!!

I have considered deleting this so many times whilst it’s literally taking 10 hours to upload lol !!
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But I always get so many questions on Instagram about my transformation so I thought I’d post this to show the difference over the past 24 weeks. I also want all of my followers to know who I am behind my account.

It hasn’t been an easy journey, as you can see in the beginning I was really quite fed up 🙁

I felt terrible and I just wasn’t doing anything to change it.
I kept wondering how people get motivation and keep it to get to where they are but i’ve realised its determination that gets you there, not motivation.

Don’t just think about starting, or wait for that certain day to start or until you have an event planned.

Because I spent years doing that and you literally don’t get anywhere!
It’s making the effort every week and being determined that this time you really won’t give up and go back to old habits !

It has actually surprised me so much putting this together and watching it back. I feel so proud of where I am at now. I refuse to let myself go back to how I was !!
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If I were to give you one bit of advice right now .. TAKE PHOTOS/VIDEOS and lots of them !!

I still have days where I am super hard on myself and watching this has made me realise I need to be praising myself instead 🙂

You literally don’t know how far you have come until you look back !!

If you want to know how I did this in 6 months then send me a message on instagram:

It is on private because none of my friends know I have it and id hate for them to find it lol !!

I spent years trying and failing doing the wrong things then all it took was 24 weeks of doing the right things! =D

Feeling very positive for the next 6 months!!