Live Q&A Beginner Intermittent Fasting / OMAD Weight Loss

Topics and timestamps:
1:30 I have been having trouble with snacking at night when depressed. When I am feeling down, I just stop caring.
6:10 I want to know what do you eat now for maintaining your weight & how many meals.
8:45 I just started OMAD and I find I am very tired all day long. I’m wondering if that is normal? I’m telling myself it’s just an adjustment period and I will feel more alert soon
11:00 I went off my diet while on vacation and now I can’t seem to get motivated to start back. Fasting feels like punishment and I’m craving sweets. I’m so worried I’ll put the weight back on that I’ve lost.
15:07 How do you keep focused on OMAD when you have to prepare meals for your family (including kids requests!) all day long?
17:10 I was wondering how long was it that you had sugar in your coffee before you decided to cut out your sugar, and did you notice a difference in your weight loss? Or was it the same regardless if you had sugar or not?
20:30 Does IF only work if I’m doing it the same all the time
22:00 When you started fasting 8 hrs or 10 hrs., did you lose weight during the small steps you made or was it not until you had 16/8?
23:50 OMAD and taking medications (instructions take twice a day with food)
25:40 Do you think half and half helps you get through the fasting window? I have been thinking of trying, a bit afraid it will trigger my cravings for sweets. Do you get cravings from half n half?
27:15 I am curious how you endured longterm. Did you use social pressure to your benefit.Or was it all internally motivated? Persistence is tough!
33:15 My question is about plateaus. I am currently at a plateau and maybe even gaining a little. Am I being consistent? YES!
39:30 How do you actually walk inside your home? Do you march on the spot? Or do you have a huge house? I’ve just started with OSAMAD eating 2 hard boiled eggs at 4 pm, 1 hour before leaving the office. Once I’ve eaten the snack, I start to feel weak and shaky, then getting home after picking up the kids, I have that weird stress release/peak moment and have a binge eating crisis.
43:30 How do you deal with people that think you are “starving” yourself by eating one meal?
45:45 Do you ever crave something then at OMAD you don’t want it? How do you eat enough on OMAD I’ve tried for a week and out of curiosity counted calories and I can’t eat more than 1000. I might have to do a 22/2 instead.
48:05 Do you get blood work done to see if you’re deficient in any area because of OMAD?
49:30 With OMAD or OSAMAD when I start eating dinner, even when having a snack before, I crash and dont even have the strength to finish my plate. I really want to stick with this way of eating
51:40 If you don’t lose the one pound per week what is the best way to adjust so u do lose next week?
55:20 My question is how do you feel about IF being such a hot diet right now since you talk about not buying into diet dogma I know when I tell people I am doing IF they tend to think of it just as a fad diet that I will fall of of.
58:05 Is it okay to get some walking done after I have eaten for the day, such as finishing my eating window at 5pm and getting more of my 6 miles after?
58:45 Do you have to walk the six miles a day to get the results you are getting?
59:45 I need to lose 70 lbs. how much can I expect lo lose per week in the beginning with Omad. Fasting 20 hours per day.
1:01:10 i tend to get very pressurized if i somehow cant get to my goal by the end of the year. i have 19 lbs left. how should i think?
1:03:08 ​Is their a fasting app you would recommend to help keep up with your fasting hours?
1:04:05 Started January 7. Very consistent with fasting 16-19 hours a day. Only have lost 4 pounds…. exercising 5 days a week… super frustrating. How do I find the “ problem?”
1:05:30 With a prolonged fast is it ok to drink black coffee
1:06:10 OMAD will NOT give me enough calories in one meal as I can only do smaller portions. So I do an 18:6 or 19:5 for two meals to get calories in.

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