Kathy Bates Lost 60 Pounds And Her Trick To The Weight Loss Is Surprisingly Simple

On the Basis of Sex actress Kathy Bates, 70, lost around 60 pounds. The actress admitted that it didn’t come instantly, and she had to be patient with results. How exactly did she lose the weight?

The “American Horror Story” star underwent a double mastectomy in 2012 following her breast cancer diagnosis.

Afterward, Bates revealed that she was diagnosed with lymphedema, a condition that causes swelling in the arms and legs due to a collection of fluid.

To shed pounds, the Oscar-winning actress focused on mindful eating and staying away from unhealthy foods and drinks.

“Mindfulness, just knowing when to push my plate away,” Bates told Us Weekly while in attendance at WebMD’s Health Heroes event in New York City on January 15.

“At some point when you’re eating, you have this involuntary sigh and that’s really your brain and your stomach communicating that you’ve had enough,” Bates said.

“The trick is to pay attention to that and push your plate away,” she said. Kathy stuck to avoiding “junk food” and soda to also help her slim down a bit in her weight loss. If you think her loss was assisted by some restrictive and trendy diet, nope! Kathy just did it the old-fashioned way and then results came along, but she had to remain patient while she adjusted her eating routine. “It took a few years,” she said. “I would say you have to be really patient… I don’t like the word willpower, but I like the word determination.”

“I have never been in such good health,” Kathy added. The actress has overcome both ovarian and breast cancer. “I just had a physical. I’m doing great… I feel like a completely different person. I can move, I can walk. I just wish I had done it years ago.”