Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Incredible 100-Pound Weight Loss

In September 2019, singer-turned-fashion-entrepreneur Jessica Simpson revealed that she’d dropped a whopping 100 pounds since giving birth to her daughter Birdie Mae in March.

The “With You” singer posted a stunning photo on Instagram that showed off her newly svelte silhouette, writing:

“6 months. 100 pounds down. (Yes, I tipped the scales at 240.) My first trip away from #BIRDIEMAE and emotional for many reasons, but so proud to feel like myself again. Even when it felt impossible, I chose to work harder.”

Simpson was remarkably candid about her baby weight throughout her pregnancy with Birdie Mae and she never lost her sense of humor. First, there was the Ten-Year Challenge photo in January. It featured Simpson wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes alongside another photo of her ankles and feet. In March, she shared this photo, along with the pun-tastic caption,


And let’s not forget this Instagram post from February, in which Jessica Simpson offered up the following public service announcement:

“Warning…Don’t lean back on the toilet when pregnant”

Back in May, she shared another precious moment, writing in the caption:

“Just stretching it out in my rubber corset. The joy of postpartum”

It sounds like Simpson’s recent weight loss took a lot of discipline. In September 2019, a source told People,

“She’s working hard and working out and eating healthy and trying to get back in her best shape and excited for what’s ahead.”

The source goes on to say,

“She’s trying to get back to her healthiest place. […] She’s not focused on the number [on the scale], but on feeling her best self.”

In July 2019, Simpson told People that she was doing lots of walking in order to get back in shape both physically and mentally following Birdie Mae’s birth. She also said she was trying to eat as healthily as possible and was pleasantly surprised to discover that she actually liked cauliflower.

Meanwhile, her longtime personal trainer Harley Pasternak congratulated Simpson on Instagram, writing:

“Beyond proud of this incredible woman. Been working together for over 12 years and she’s always the most warm, sweet, polite, and respectful person in the world. And on top of it all, after being nonstop pregnant for as long as I can remember, she’s down 100 pounds and looks younger today than she was when we met.”

Jessica Simpson’s weight has, in fact, fluctuated over the last decade a fact that’s generated all too many gossipy headlines and unfortunate jokes. In 2009, she told Glamour:

“Celebrities aren’t perfect. It’s amazing to me how much thought is put into a woman’s figure on tabloid covers.”

She also told the publication that she’s been struggling with her body image ever since she was a kid, revealing:

“When I was young, I would look at magazines and feel a lot of pressure. As a child of 12, I would write things in my journal like, ‘I’m lying here and all I can think about is that my stomach is hanging over my underwear.’ That disturbs me even today!”

In 2012, Simpson gave birth to her first child her daughter Maxwell with husband Eric Johnson. She lost 50 pounds following the delivery using Weight Watchers … but she put the weight back on almost immediately after getting pregnant with her son Ace just five months later.

In February 2014, she told ABC News,

“You are creating a life, and honestly it’s not easy. It is a really hard thing to go through. And you deserve to eat your ice cream, you deserve to have your pancakes. Do whatever you want to do and then afterwards just know that you have to work really hard. I had to learn that with my first and second pregnancy.”

Throughout it all, Simpson has managed to maintain a positive attitude and a great perspective. As she told The Today Show in 2014,

“Well, I think I can relate to every woman out there. I have been every size there is.”

And in regards to all those nasty headlines about her weight, Simpson didn’t mince words when speaking to Entertainment Tonight in 2016:

“Media scrutiny sucks. I try my best to step above it and rise above it.”

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