Hip Flexor Love – Standing Poses – Sometimes Sweet / Sometimes Challenging Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Hip Flexor Love – Standing Poses – Sometimes Sweet / Sometimes Challenging Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Active people often suffer from tight hip flexors since these muscles fire nearly all day to execute movements like walking, jogging, biking, jumping, handstand-hopping, playing soccer, basketball, surfing… you get the idea. When the hip flexors are tight, the lower back can get cranky, so working regular hip flexor stretches and psoas releases into your daily routine can give you relief from chronic pulling at the lumbar spine.

This practice jumps right in with Downward Facing Dog. It begins relatively slowly, with gentle Cobras and Child’s Pose and manageable early sequencing. It does jump into a pretty challenging sequence about two-thirds of the way in with Side Plank and Visvamitrasana variations that could frustrate those whose practice does not include those postures.

We do poses like Low Lunge, Low Lunge with a quadriceps stretch, Bekasana variation, Mermaid, and Dancer to target the front hip crease. For a deeper opening, pause the video at select moments and hold for two minutes.

As always, tune into what’s happening in your body: If a pose or sequence isn’t quite working for you, make an attempt and then modify in a way that feels right. It’s always okay to just keep moving through, doing your best. Many people tell me that they try the classes over and over again until they can do every posture. Others tell me that they pause the video to work on certain poses. I love hearing this feedback and I’ve loved meeting some of you on Instagram!

Thank you as always for commenting, sharing, friending, tagging and just generally creating a community around this beautiful, feel-good practice.

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“Starting my morning with this! Thank you for always graciously sharing your practice with us!!! I am in ♡ with your style & the challenges you allow me to try!!!!”

“I’ve started taking your classes and enjoying every moment of the practice in the early morning before heading out for work. Thank you very much. Namaste.”

“I find your classes unique and inspiring, They leave me feeling the best version of me.”

“I have been loving your classes. Thank you for making them.”