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Join me for a brand-new thirty days Yoga Journey: DEDICATE. It’s completely free and it’s all right here on YouTube. Sign up today to receive the everyday e-mail and downloadable calendar: https://do.yogawithadriene.com/p/dedicate Let’s do this together!
This video is the official kick off for your 30 Day Yoga Journey! Use today to set an intent and prepare for the journey ahead.

If you are recovering from an injury or brand new to yoga – you can do this program. You will just require to modify, as will every single one of us at some time on the journey.


This is a 30 Day Journey about discovering your authentic self. It’s not about re-creating, replicating or copying another person. Believe me, trust your self. You just get your butt to the mat and together we will find the rest. I guarantee.

The practices in this program are definitely appropriate for pregnant women with using some adjustments. Prevent twists and core work and always ask your doctor for advice based upon where you are in your pregnancy. I advise that when in doubt, you supplement your twists and core work with sluggish and caring breathing.

Join me for a new 30 Day Yoga Journey: DEDICATE. This video is the main kick off for your 30 Day Yoga Journey! Usage today to prepare and set an intention for the journey ahead.

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